November 25, 2007

Who am I? and Nandivde.

Shrini is Prof.Kale s brother s son. I lived and grew up in DADA's (Prof. V. G. Kale) home, Durgadhiwas. my father,Chintaman(Kaka)was in Sind, looking after the construction of the Indus left bank canal.(Sind was a part of the Bombay Presidency in those days.)

I was in D-was till matriculation.I am a B.Sc.with Chemistry and B.E.(Elec). I am probably the only living member of the Kale family to have met and lived with Dada.

Now Nandivde. Dada s father,Govindbhatji,hailed from Nandivde,a small village on the west coast,which is connected to the Karhateshwar temple,by an Elephant path paved with dressed black stone,something like the path upto Parvati temple,near Pune.

Govindbhat,who,it appears,was something of an eccentric,did not get along with the main family who lived in Nandivde-the Jogs.

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