April 16, 2008

more from durgadhiwas

Like most Hindu families, our branch of Kales had family deities. These of course were from Nandivde,the home village.The only time they came into application was at the time of some religious rite,name of which escapes me.These deities were Chankai,Bhavkai,Rawalnath, and of course Karhateshwar.Temples to the first three, as well as a Ganesh temple are,at least were when I saw them last, right in front in a row, in Nandivde.Karhateshwar is a little distance away,on the sides of a cliff which overlooks Devgad harbour(Devgad mangoes are famous.)

I stated in my first blog there is an elephant path, paved with dressed black stone from Nandivde to Karhateshwar. Karhateshwar temple has springs,giving copious flow of water,year round.There are bundles of paper listing the donations and requests for special prayers at the temple.Most are signed by JOG family

There is a vast level plot of land north of Nandivde(probably built up by now).