November 29, 2007

Home Economy

D-Was basically an upper middle class household,but set up of households has changed so much that a brief description of those times may not be amiss.There was very little of ready made things.Clothes,food,pickles,papad,even milk were not readily available packed. D-Dhiwas had a buffalow for milk and a bhayya used to look after her and also milk her.So there was plenty of fresh-DHAROSHNA milk,warm as it came from the animal.We grew lentils,gawar, bhindi,rajgira and dried and kept in sealed tins.Variety of the market was small.Tomato, cauliflower,gobi were rare(Older people did not eat tomato because it was blood-red!)Suran, Lal Bhopla,were always kept on the shelf,for use when required.There were four families in the BORI colony,road not made between D-Diwas and Pawar Quarters,so we were isolated.
Mrs, Belwalkar, Joshi, Kale and Talpatrikar used to get together once a year to make papad,and pickles.Except the cheapest, all clothes were custom made by tailors.Car tyres were repaired and pumped by hand by the driver.Most footwear was made to measure.The only ready food was bread,which a baker called S.Wyse delivered.His bill said,on top 'By appointment to the Tsar of Russia'!

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