November 27, 2007


Dada found employment as Reader to Justice Ranade.Ranade s eyesight was not good since his job entailed lot of reading,he employed a Reader.A couple of rooms at the back of the Judges house, was a perk of the job.It enabled Dada,to complete his education,and then he joined the Fergusson College as a lecturer.He was also the Rector of the hostels,which brought him contact with students directly.One of the students,Chintaman Vinayak Joshi started writing some humorous stories.One such effort,brought him to Dada s attention,which led him one day to remark 'thats our CHIMAN !' The name did not stick to C.V.Joshi,but he made Chiman the character around whom his stories revolved.Thus was born Chimanrao,the most famous story hero of those times.C.V.Joshi wrote many books,and many of his stories have been serialised on TV.
There was an unexpected sequence.Chiman s sister,Vatsala Joshi married another Chintaman,and became Sagunabai Kale,Dada s Bhabi and Shrini s mother.

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