November 26, 2007

Sangli and Pune

When things got a bit out of hand,Govindbhat decided to get out of Konkan and go to Desh.He came to Sangli,where he had relatives (Bhide s). In a while he decided to go to Pune, and set off without telling his wife,Durga.(Yes, the same as in Durgadhiwas!)
When Durgabai, a formidably able person,I am told,found out, she put Vaman(Dada) and herself and took a bullock cart to Pune.There were of course no buses or trains. It appears the journey took about three days.
Durgabai knew very well how to find her husband.She went to various Ganesh temples, his favourite haunts.Finally she found him at Theur,a place on the eastern outskirts of Pune.Theur Ganapati is one of the Ashtavinayak Ganapatis.

In all of the above musings, based on what older relatives have told me, there is a conspicuous absence of dates.Even Dada s birthday, it appears is a guesswork.The year is probably right,but the day and month,iffy.

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