November 28, 2007


Prof.Kale s wife was Savitribai.She hailed from the Rajwade family.Her brother was a staunch Satyagrahi,and spent most of his life in jail,for patriotic reasons.In her younger days when Dada was struggling to earn,she worked hard,under the supervision of Durgabai,who I understand was a strict mother-in-law.Dada s first real home was a bungalow at the Fergusson College,the first bungalow when one enters the main gate of the College.After Dada built Durgadhiwas(1926),things were easier.Savitribai,whom everyone called VAHINI,then had plenty of time for religious rites.Both Dada,and NANA,his son were 'rationalists',and never participated in any pooja or other observences.Shrini was therefore very handy to all the poojas.The family had a retained brahmin,who ran the poojas.Shrini has now forgotten most of the poojas,except one at which a wonderful thing called kayaras was served!Vahini went with Dada to most of the films,marathi ones,shown in Pune.He had a permanent 'Box" at Prabhat theater.


VISHWAS said...

I have one very strong memory of a sad incident. Dada's wife, my grandmother passed away, and I remember very vividly her body being taken away from the rear door of Durgadhiwas into our family car's rear seat. I do not remember her when she was alive, somehow. I do not remember Dada as I was just a few months old when he died.

Vishwas said...

I have a very vivid memory of her. That too after she passed away. I somehow do not recollect her at all when she was alive. Her dead body being carried away into our family car from the rear door of Durgadhiwas is still stuck into my memory!