December 2, 2007


Nana,or Shripad,was one of Dada s two children,the other was Gangu,Gangutai Kokil.
Nana did his BA,and enrolled in law,but gave it up,and helped Dada with his increasing activities.He practically ran Artha a weekly ,the first in Marathi to deal with money matters. Dada of course guided,and wrote the most important articles.The paper is now in other hands.Nana was good at tennis,and soon,Prabhavati,his wife also joined him.They were high up among the tennis crowd in Pune.Prabhavati,"Dhaktya Vahini",was the first woman around to wear shorts on the tennis court.She was also Badminton Champion.She brought in new,better habits into the family,one of which was to bathe and change clothes,before evening dinner.Shrini and she were great friends used to sit by the Devghar,with"Thorlya Vahini"(Savitribai),and read aGeeta chapter every evening.Shrini used to pester Nana to tell him how things worked viz.doorbells,light bulbs,phone etc.He found a book in which all was given,and patiently explained to me.He used to get up at 5 am make tea for Dada,and boil an egg.Dada used to have this before setting out for the morning walk.Nana continued to make bed tea later for various people including his grandsons so they could study early.Nana had one quite remarkable ability,He could get dogs to 'sing' with him!He would go OOOOOOO and the dog also went OOOOOOOOO with him!

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