December 3, 2007


Gangu,Dada s daughter,was called Gangumai.After college,she married G.R.Kokil then headmaster of a school in the small town Kagal,in Kolhapur State.There was some opposition to this marriage from relatives,because the Kokils were Deshastha,while the Kales were Vatsa Gotri Chitpavan Brahmins.Kokilnana or Ganpatrao later became a professor in Kolhapur,and was also a personal tutor to the princes in the Karveer royal family.He was also a turor to Miraj princes,and lived in a Miraj owned bungalow in front of the railway station at Kolhapur,half of which was kept as a guest house for the Miraj family.
The bungalow still exists but is closed in by warehouses.Gangumai was the headmistress of the Maharani Girls High School, and was a popular and respected figure in Kolhapur academic circles(These were the days of NaSi Phadke,ViSa Khandekar,Prabhat Film Co. etc)Most of us in D-Dhiwas used to spend holidays at Kolhapur with them and they also visited Pune quite often.Their visits were much looked forward to,they brought Kolhapur Sugar Cane(A thick juicy variety),Kakvi and Gur-slabs.
They inherited a plot of land near todays Kamla Nehru Park,and they sold it and built a house on land given by Nana,the Savitri bungalow in which Vishwas and Jaya live.Shrini has many
many fond memories of the Kokils.

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vishwas said...

How can I not write anything on her ? I used to be at Kolhapur very vacation during my school days. I used to enjoy the icecream shops there. In fact I spent two years in Kolhapur School after my mother tragically passed away.