September 18, 2008

Marriages and such

Durgadhiwas saw many marriages,from Gangumai to Nana.Some were twinned with thread ceremonies of Shrini and Ramachandra-his younger brother.

One marriage can now be referred to as a generation has gone by.

Everything was ready, cards distributed,outstation relatives arrived,and a Vyahibhojan was in progress.The prospective bride's father asked a question of the groom,he did not hear it properly,so he cupped a hand to his ear and asked 'Kay mhanalat?' This prompted the gentleman to ask whether the groom was hard of hearing, the answer was 'Yes'.The bride's party all got up from their seats and said "We did not know this.We do not want a deaf son in law.The wedding is cancelled.!'

Kaka who was looking after things,called for the list of 'sthalas',who had been interviewed earlier, and picked the runner-up,so to speak.He sent an emissary to that girl's parents,and asked them if they were ready to have our groom as their son in law.[very necessary precaution !] They agreed, and as they say history was made.

The wedding took place at the same muhurta,even revised invitations were distributed.

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