August 28, 2008

Anecdote about VG Kale

Apparently V G Kale was known in the Fergusson College campus as someone who did not entertain small talk. So he didnt invite people over and did not encourage what he saw as aimless chitchatting in other peoples' houses. One afternoon a group of professors decided to drop in unannounced and "get" a cup of tea out of him. When they arrived and made their intentions clear, Dada went into the kitchen and gave instructions for tea to be served. The professors were thrilled with their 'achievement' and after their tea, went back to their houses, full of how they had pulled a fast one on the great 'miserly' VG Kale. But when each of them told this story to their wives, what they heard was " OH! you were at their house for tea?Thats why she came asking to borrow some tea leaves/milk/sugar"!
Dada had the last laugh!
P.S. Principal Kogekar who told me this story was quick to tell me that Dada was not in anyway a miser. On their trips to the Indian Economic Association meetings, he would give the students his wallet and tell them to make sure everyone had enough to eat and drink for the entire train journey.

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